Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Laurence, Laurence, Laurence!

In my inner sanctum of actors close to my heart, Laurence Fishburne is on the top. My love for Laurence started way back when he was in School Daze. Over the years, it has grown. There is a strength and majesty about him that is mesmerizing to me.

I saw him perform on Broadway in The Lion in Winter with Stockard Channing in 1999. I still remember the thrill and excitement I felt seeing him so close and live. He is as dynamic on stage as he is in film.

On Sunday, I got to see him again starring in the one man show Thurgood on Broadway. It is about the life of Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Supreme Court Justice. Laurence is center stage and he captivates the audience from the minute he walks on the stage. I once again was enraptured. I learned a lot about Thurgood Marshall. One of the main themes about the fight for equality in public schools for children of all colors is something that still plagues us today.

The whole audience stood up to applaud him when the show ended. When he came out to take his bow,my heart gushed with admiration and happiness in seeing him again. So, if in your New York: go see Thurgood! To see Laurence Fishburne live is worth every penny.


Lu said...

I heard his one man show was amazing.

B said...

I would love to see him on stage.

Shell said...

Hi Lu & Brigitte,

Thank you for stopping by here. If you both get a chance to see him live, please do. He loves doing theater, so if you miss him in Thurgood I know he'll be back on stage soon.

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