Happy Thursday

My mind is fried with learning sonnets and figuring out my finances. I wanted to write something cool on my favorite day. I got the idea from Lu over at Candidly speaking. She did it on her blog which you can find the link over on my dreamy places list.

Ten Random facts about Shell:

1) I taught myself to write with my left hand for fun.
2) I love to see when the earthworms come out when it's rains. They are all juicy and fat looking.
3) I loved A Different World better than The Cosby Show.
4) When I was real little, I use to sleep with the covers up to my neck so the vampires wouldn't get me.
5) I read my first romance novel when I was thirteen.
6) I saw two street blocks: one block had rain coming down and the other block was dry.
7) I practiced being a Jedi by staring at an ashtray to move it on our living room table when I was a kid. (It didn't move, by the way. I probably needed more training.)
8) I love wearing skirts better than pants.
9) I love everything chocolate except chocolate ice cream.
10) I can only snap my fingers on my right hand.

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