Monday, May 26, 2008

In Remembrance

My father was a WWII vet, he fought in the Battle of Bulge. I only can imagine as a black soldier all he had to face with not only the horrors of war but discrimination as well.

We now have a new war. Let us forget for a moment the politics behind this war. What angers me is that soldiers of all colors and both genders are coming back to find hardship here. Medical benefits cut and poor health care in local government hospitals. Let us not even think of the extended tours of duties that is putting soldiers at risk physically and mentally.

So on this memorial day, we should remember all those that served in past and present wars. Say a short prayer or light a candle tonight for all those who died in service. Also to think of our servicemen and women of today. Write, call, e-mail your local government officials about the treatment of the troops on the battlefield and at home. Let our government know if we have to continue to fight this war, then our troops should at least be given the benefits and treatment they deserve with as much honor as they serve the country.

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LaraRios said...

Hey Shell,
You make some execellent points! I have a navy man of my own. I love him, am proud of him, as I am of all our miliary men and women.

I'm contacting you, through your blog, however, because you were the winner of the Women, Words, and Wisdom tour on my day. I couldn't find another way to get a hold of you. Can you email me your mailing information?

Thanks and congratulations!


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