40 isn't fatal!

I have a confession of a secret fear of mine. Something that haunted me but I never spoke about.
Mine is about turning 40. About three years ago, I started sitting in the bed sweating about what would happen if I didn't accomplish all my dreams by the time I am 40. I always had two images running in my head: one of my mom telling me that she cried when she turned 40 and that Linda Evans commerical for Clariol when she declared 40 isn't fatal.

It's not like when next year I turn 40, I will be in an updated version of the movie: Logan's run now called Michelle's run. Being hunted down because I didn't accomplish more of my acting goals. When I turned 39 in January, something inside me began to loosen up. I used the energy I had wasted fretting to what I needed to do now to get closer to my dreams. Action is always the cure for worry.

So when I turn 40 next year. I plan on celebrating. I am shooting for Paris in January for me.
Being able to turn 40 and embracing all that I have been and all that I will become.

Just found this site and i think this is awesome:http://turning40.net/

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