Thursday, October 26, 2023

Raven and Channeling

Happy Thursday, my friends. My offerings for purchase are expanding with My Raven meditation—this meditation is for those who love ravens and want to deepen their condition with Raven energy. I know a few people who consider Ravens animal guides, which inspired this meditation.

Here is the link for The Raven Meditation and my other products: Galactic Guides and Lion's Gate Meditations. Next month, on November 5th at 5pm est, I am holding my popular How to Channel class. I teach how I taught myself to channel divine information in a safe and simple way. If you are signed up for my newsletter, you will get the zoom link for the Channeling class on the 5th about ten minutes before the class starts. Here is the Instagram reel I did for the class. I look forward to see you all there.


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