Friday, March 25, 2022

Happy Birthday Aretha

Aretha Franklin would have been 80 today. I am always fascinated by pictures of Aretha when she looked  glamorous to me. I took these screen shots from two award ceremonies in the mid 70's

I love the red color in her hair; and, the beautiful yellow and orange colors she is wearing in her dresses.  I adore how radiant and lovely she looks.

I grew up listening to Aretha especially on Saturday mornings when my mom was home from work. She clean to Aretha or just dance around to her music.  Now, that I am older I can relate to her music in a way that didn't as a little girl. This is a throwback Aretha jam that gives me that dreamy and romantic feeling. Hope you enjoy Daydreaming by Aretha Franklin. Please let me in the comments what is your favorite songs by the Queen of Soul.

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