Thursday, March 24, 2022

Dreamy Thursday : Romantic style

Happy Thursday, this is the second time I have tried to bring back my Dreamy Thursdays post.  I am doing my best to plan ahead, so I can schedule a bunch of them. I love Dreamy romantic clothes, music, films, ideas, etc. Especially with the world as it now, we need it more than ever. This is from the lovely Nadiife on you tube. I especially love seeing sistahs doing this.

It is so wonderful to see more women like me in costume dramas more. Of course, with the rise
of independent brands like Selkie and Dynasty George, there is a moment now for more romantic wear
for daily use.

Of course, Bridgerton had a big influence on reigniting this style. There is the lovely Adjoa Andoh as the inimitable Lady Danbury.

Look how dreamy she looks in white. I think my love of this style came from middle school and high school when prairie skirts were in with pretty white blouses that I loved to wear.

I finally watched Sanditon! It was good but the ending made me sad. Sorry for the spoiler, I am ready for season two. It was so exciting to see the first black character that Jane Austen wrote about on the screen. The lovely and strong Miss Georgiana Lambe played by Crystal Clarke.

Sanditon season 2 starts on Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing it! I hope Georgiana and Charlotte's love lives get better for them this season.

Representation does matter!  I am happy to see beautiful sistahs in dreamy styles in real life and on the screen as well.

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