Friday, June 4, 2021



I am a day late, I am sure Josephine Baker will excuse me this one time. Yesterday was her birthday. 

I found this video last week which I so enjoyed. In honor of her June 3 birthday, watch Josephine be her amazing and magnetic self.  Happy Friday.

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Robert Alvarez said...

WOW! Shell, would you believe this is the first time I ever heard the late and great Josephine Baker sing?!

Of course, your post cannot help but remind me of my first time at Chez Joephine, a restaurant named in her honor, in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. I was one of several Readers who were hired to give Readings at a gentleman's 40th Birthday party. I AM long overdue to return to this restaurant, and look forward to doing so, under Divine Timing and Goddess Grace.

Magnetic seems a bit of an understatement regarding this Living Goddess. I loved hearing her speak, and I loved hearing her sing, too.

I look forward to visiting your blog more often in the near future. Truly, I had been away for far too long.

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