Monday, January 11, 2021

Success in 2021


Happy Monday, my friends. Happy New Year. I wish that the new year could have started off without any drama, but it has. All I am going to say is what happened at the Capitol was a disgrace. My dislike of Trump goes way back to the late 80's. I will be glad when Biden will be in office. 

I hope all of you are well? I know the vaccine is here but rates are still rising. Stay safe as much as you can. We must find a way to keep going through all of this. One of my favorite things to do is to pick a word for the year. Last year's word was commitment. It certainly echoed with me being committed to my intuitive abilities and telling more people what I do. I now have a nice clientele which I am happy about; as well as, using my gifts for to help and uplift people. Commitment to doing more things for myself creatively ; also, people being more committed to me in wonderful ways.

Did you have a word of the year? If you did, please let me know what it was in the comments. Now for my new word of the year it is......

Success! Yes, the word came floating to me around September. I had a few other words too, success kept coming back to me.  It is a great strong word. Success is something we all want in one way or another. I am curious to see how this energy of this word manifests in my life. I am open and receptive to success coming into my life.

If you have a word or words of the year, I love to hear all.  I hope you all still make some kind of plans for 2021 despite everything that is going on around us. Our dreams and hopes keeps up anchored to our lives. I am wishing you all the best in 2021. Thank you for sharing another year with me and Swan of Dreamers.

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