Friday, May 22, 2020

My first ever podcast interview!

Happy Friday, my friends. Guess what? I was interviewed the first time ever for a podcast at The Vibe Rise podcast. If you like to take a listen, please go here. My episode is #19!!  Talking about how I use my intuition everyday and how it was to grow up being intuitive.  I was all butterflies in my stomach before the interview, once I started talking I became relaxed.

Since 2020 started for me, my intuitive business has taken off in a great way which makes me happy. Using my intuitive gifts is part of my journey. I always love helping people. I also do my weekly instagram live at 8pm est on Friday. Which is tonight. So if you want to come and join me, I love to see you there. The readings are free. I have to say get there early to get a reading. I go for about two hours. Have a great Friday, my friends

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