Friday, January 10, 2020

Wolf Moon

Happy Full Moon Friday, my friends.
It is the first Full Moon of the year and the decade.
We are starting the full moon in the sign of watery
Cancer energy. One of the traditional names of
this Full Moon in America is the Wolf Moon.
Wolves and Cancer is linked to the Moon. It
is truly a packed lunar time for us.

What to do under a watery Full Moon. I say feel.
Feeling your feelings. Express yourself to the fullest.
If need be, cry or write out your feelings.
You can also dance or act out your feelings too.
Sometimes when I feel a lot, I like to act out
my feelings in what I say to certain people or situations
I like to happen. (I guess it's the performer in me.)
It helps get my feelings out safely; also, not hurting
other people in the process.

If you need more inspo for this full moon
go here.Remember the energy of the Full Moon stays
around for three days. The night before, the day of and the night after.

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