Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Water Kissed Full Moon

Happy Full Moon, my friends.

It is our first moon of 2014. Our year begins with the watery and moon kissed Cancer Full Moon. So for all my moon and sun sign Cancers this is your moon. I have been feeling melancholy as of late. Which fits a bit with the deep emotional energy of Cancer.

Enough about me. How does it feel for you? If you are a long time reader of Swan of Dreamers, you know I like to give tips on how to celebrate Full Moons. If you are a new here, just sit, relax and read. Full Moons for me are special times. It's as if the moon is singing a full chorus tune in a musical. The energy swells up I feel, to be used by everyone regardless of your religious background. The day before, the day of and the day after the Full Moon resonate with energy. Something to remember if you can't find the time to at least pause and gaze up at the moon wherever you are.

What to do on a Full Moon? Many things. I always advise following your intuition. Here is what you can do to swim, dive, surf, glide and shine in this watery Full Moon.

* Take a bath with roses: the actual flower or rosewater

* Burn blue, silver, or violet candles; wear colors in these shades too.

* Write down a list of all the people you wish to forgive including yourself.

* Take a moonlit walk on the beach

* Indulge in romantic movies.

* Set time aside to be alone without distraction. Sit, Breathe, Let Go of your thoughts. (As much as you can)

* Make a plan to do something of service this year to help others: donate, volunteer or create something to help others.

These are a few suggestions to do, my friends.

I wish you and yours a beautiful Full Moon.



Dena Miller said...

Bright Moonlit Blessings to you♥

Jennifer Michelle said...

I feel much peace now that the moon is waning. There was a bit of a tumultuous time period for me building up with that crazy energy of the moon's waxing!

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