Monday, January 6, 2020

Manifest Monday: Give me five minutes!

Happy Manifest Monday. Today is the first Monday
of the new year and new decade!! Did you know
it is also National #ThankGoditsMonday. To celebrate
the great things about Monday. Read about it here.


What do you want to manifest this year? Or should
I say womanifest? Either way, what do you want
to create? It is your life. Your life should
be what you want it to be, right?

Manifesting is making what is currently invisible now visible - Bashar

No action today. Just daydream, noodle, visualize, imagine. What
as Bashar says is invisible you want to make visible in your life.
Take a notebook, tablet or phone write down your dreams. Then
spend time on each one till you feel a inner tug from one of
them. Then make that your manifestation goal for this month.
Each day spend maybe five minutes on your dream. I know it's
a small amount of time. Five minutes each day adds up to 35 minutes
a week. By the end of the month that's over two hours and a half.
You can use that five minutes to do or feel something toward
your goal. Good feelings creates momentum that attracts good
energy to you. Don't sleep on having good feelings!


Now, I am going to spend five minutes on a creative goal
I have been working on for a while. Have a great Manifest
Monday, my friends.

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