Monday, November 25, 2019

Happy Birthday Ricardo

Ricardo Montalban has always been one of
my favorites. I cherish my memories as a kid
watching Fantasy Island. It was so great as
an adult to find his older work in musicals
and other dramas.

There was always this big debate about who or
what Mr.Roarke is. I love his take on this.
Showing an actor can have an internal life for
a character that goes beyond what the writers
created. Ricardo making this choice gave Mr.Roarke

This is a great quote about his career.:
"It is to TV that I owe my freedom from bondage of the Latin lover roles.
Television came along and gave me parts to chew on. It gave me wings as an actor."

And my actor's heart loves this. I think I'll use this as a personal motto for myself.
"Ask not what the role can do for you; ask what you can do for the role."

Happy Birthday Ricardo. You are still missed and remembered well.

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