Thursday, October 31, 2019

All Hallow's Eve

All Hallow's Eve, my friends...I have this sweet black cat to burn tonight

I also will be joined my own dreamy Superman who looks
suspiciously like Jacob for trick n treat adventures.

Tonight, I will be dressed as a Princess. Well my version of
Princess. Here is a preview of me with my tiara on now. Jake
insisted he wanted me to a Princess tonight.

I love the costumes,the candy and the magic of this night.
The deeper meaning of this time that All Hallow's Eve fills
my soul. It is a time to remember those who have passed.
Those we are for a while separated from we will see again.
There all kinds of way to honor this time.

When Jake is asleep. I will do this ritual which I have done on many
All Hallow's Eves. I light a candle and close my eyes. Pray for
protection. I say thank you to all my ancestors known and unknown.
I stay in that feeling. It is amazing the amount of my ancestors
I feel show up. It can feel overwhelming. It is also love.
Love in a pure form. When my ritual is done. I will do what I
have done for more years than I can count. I will watch my favorite
Halloween episode of all time: Masques from Beauty and The Beast series.

I am wishing you all a blessed All Hallow's Eve. May you enjoy
all the magic, mystery and love that swirls during this time.
Here's a card I pulled for all of us from The Everyday
Witch Oracle. The message is simple. As we go into the last
60 days of the year and this decade, take inspired action
to make your dreams manifest.

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Lady of the Woods said...

Thank you visiting and commenting on my Strawberry Rose Cream Tea post. You are a real person instead of the spammers that try to fill my space and so I came to visit. I sense your own magic, mystery, and goodness. Your children look angelic.
I am now off to watch what used to be my favorite series of all time, Beauty and the Beast :D:D:D.....Masques....and reminiscence of the intense romance "Catherine" evoked in me, what I used to dream/hope for. sigh.

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