Monday, July 29, 2019

Manifest Monday: Speak out loud your desires

You know when you were a child, your mom would ask what do you
want?My mom was a Nurse and worked hard. Sometimes, I didn't
want to tell all that I wanted because I didn't want to put
extra burdens on her. My mom knowing me, would say again
what do you want Michelle? I tell her gently. She smile at
me. She say yes to what I wanted.If she couldn't get it
now for me, she get it later forme. She always did. Yes,
my mom is amazing!

The Universe is just like that. What do you want? I learned now
to ask for what I want as a adult as much as I can. So should you.
Tell the Universe what you want. Say it out loud. Don't be shy.
Your desires are there for a reason. I recently been speaking
my desires out loud more. I was inspired by a few ladies on you
tube with this. My desires have been coming quicker than
writing it down for me. I'm not sure why. Perhaps, the vibration
and energy of me speaking what I desire carries more weight
for me than writing it down.

Try it and see how it works for you. Then come back and let me know.
I love to read your comments.


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