Thursday, January 11, 2018

Word of the Year: Bliss

Happy Thursday, my friends. For the past four years, I have picked a word for the
year.I let the word come to me. When it does, it just feels right. If you look at
my blogon the side, you will see the previous words I had.

Last year, it was Romance. I meant Romance in the sense of living a life full of
romance. You can read that here
The word took me on a wonderful journey with beautiful results. Truly, whatever
word you pick will take a life on its own.

The word Bliss picked me. I kept hearing and seeing the word Bliss everywhere.
Like I always do, I asked for divine confirmation. Yes, Bliss is the word.

Bliss means complete happiness. Now, that sounds like a delicious word to me.
What does that truly mean? How will that manifest for me? I have to be honest
withyou, my friends. My life hasn't been anything but blissful for me. All
kinds of challenges have popped up in all areas of my life.

What I do is use Bliss as lead for me. How can I be feel Bliss in this moment?
I let the answer come to me, try to do that to deal with whatever challenges that
are being presented to me. What I feel is that that things, thoughts and energy
needs to shift for me. So Bliss can truly manifest in my life.

Just like my previous words, I am open and receptive to see how it comes alive
in my life.

I have to leave this small video of Joseph Campbell who coined the term
"Follow your Bliss". Not coincidentally,Campbell wrote the book "The
Hero with a thousand faces" that George Lucas read. Lucas ,who is the
creator of Star Wars,said the book heavily influenced in the writing
and making of the films. Yes, everything is truly connected.


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