Dreamy Thursday: Purple for Thursday

Purple is one of the colors of Thursday. It is the color of luxury...



Here is me from the back wearing my favorite Purple dress.

Happy Purple Thursday,my friends.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, my Goddess!

I love this, Shell!!

I have told you on more than one occasion, that one of my favorite books is "The Goddess's Guide to Love," by Margie Lapanja (Copyright 1999, Conari Press, Berkeley, California), and one of my favorite sections of that book is the "Cosmic Color Vibrations" section contained therein.

Said section lists the Planets that correspond to the Days of the Week, and the appropriate colors to wear or use on that particular day.

In Magickal Traditions, Thursday (or, Thor's Day, if you will) corresponds to the Planet Jupiter, and other than purple, lavender and lilac are appropriate colors to wear or use on a Thursday; it could be a garment, an accessory, or even piece of jewelry.

When I was younger, my now late maternal grandmother attempted to instill in me the habit of selecting my clothes for the following day, the night before. For whatever reason or reasons, that did not stick with me.

However, I can honestly say that working with the "Cosmic Color Vibrations" has made it easier for me to select something to wear, especially when waking up early in the morning.

And yes, for those wondering, I was, indeed, wearing purple yesterday, Thursday, July 26, 2017.