Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Getting ready for The Summer Solstice

This year I finally decided to do a post before the Summer Solstice. You can use these ideas to get ready for Summer.

☀ Wear bright colors or accessories in yellow, orange or red.
☀ Buy flowers like daisies, sunflowers, roses, wild chamomile.
☀ Drink lemonade, orange juice or drink tea with honey.

☀ Make a list of activities and events you want to experience this
☀ Get up at before sunrise to greet the sun.
☀ Resolve to let go on this bright day anything, anyone or thought
patterns that are holding you back. Write it down then burn it
or flush it down the toliet.

These are suggestions my friends. Follow your own intuition on how best to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Wishing you all a blessed Summer Solstice.


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