Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Summer!

Hello, my friends. It is finally here: Summer! Are you ready? I am. Today happened to be my son, Jacob, moving up ceremony from Kindergarten to First grade! I am so happy and proud of my Jake.

Here is my small altar to Summer. Basking in the beautiful solar energy today. May however you celebrate the Summer Solstice, may it be Merry and fun.

Wordless Wednesday will be back here next week.

PS. Midsummer's Day and Fairy Day is on June 24th. Another wonderful magical Summer day to celebrate.


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Victoria said...

Hi Shell, happy Summer Solstice & Midsummer & Fairy day...such a fun time of year! Your altar is colorful and bright! Yay, wonderful for sweet Jake!

Wishing you a most magical summertime!

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