It's Monday, just chill

Monday is named after the Moon. When I learned that nifty fact many year ago, it made me appreciate Mondays a lot better. Mondays really should be about dreaming and relaxing. What if we dreamed on what we like the week to be first then do action later? Today just dream...

Let today be the woolgathering day.Today,Dream.Tomorrow,Do.

P.S. Come back tomorrow for Tuesday's post.


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Anonymous said...

I must admit, Shell, I love your logic.

Seriously, Magickally and in Western Astrologically, the Moon represents Dreaming and the Dreamtime state.

Maybe that is why I have always loved Mondays. Good Goddess, the looks people would give me, over the years when I would say that!!

Also, it is no coincidence that in some countries the week begins with Monday, not Sunday.