Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, my friends. I'm not going to give a big speech on ways to help protect our mutual home. Most people know what to do.

I think one of the best ways to protect the Earth is to know the area you live in. Get to know the local flowers and plants that grow where you live. Notice the birds and local wildlife where you are. Love for the Earth starts with being connected to what is right outside your door. The more connected you are to anything, the more willing you are to protect it.

This week ,where I live in The Bronx, I have seen groundhogs, geese, squirrels, pigeons, wrens, robins, seagulls, dandelions, apple blossoms, wild violets and bluebells.

So today and this week notice all that is growing and walking right outside your door. The Earth is home to​ all of us from the ladybug to the dandelions to the geese to you.

Have a blessed Earth Day.


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Anonymous said...

Shell, I must admit, given that yesterday, Saturday, April 22, 2017, was Earth Day, I found myself noticing what I found to be an over-abundance of posts about it. After all, why not make EVERY DAY an opportunity to take better care of the Earth?

I love your ideas and suggestions. They are easy to incorporate, and I found they also instill a sense of wonder. And of Mindfulness.

Goddess Knows, how many times I have walked by a certain building, or walked on a certain street, and simply tune out so much because it is the "same old, same old." Now I have an opportunity to learn, discover, and grow.

May Gaia, Greek Mother Earth, and Geb, Ancient Egyptian God of the Earth, Bless you and yours with so many Blessings, Gifts, and Miracles.

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