Friday, July 29, 2016


It was November, my best bud, Neo, and I were walking to his job. He is not only an actor but a fitness trainer. He was saying how he wanted to keep up his Gladiator regiment. ( He went to a Halloween party dressed up like a Gladiator.) I said I don't want to look like a Gladiator, but I like to get into shape. Then he gave me his Neo stare ,I know so well, then quietly said Why don't you. I said you are right.

The next day I asked him for exercises to do. He gave me a 30 minute workout to do.

When I had to pick a word for the year 2016. Bloom came to my mind. Fast forward to July 2016. I've incorporated Neo's exercises, along with walking, working out to a Belly Dance DVDs and , most recently, Island Girl Hula DVD.

I'm not at my target weight. I released enough that I am now leaner, stronger and vibrant. I've also got back into wearing makeup more which I've always love to do.

Then on July 16, I decided to do something that had been haunting my soul. Since I gave birth to Jacob, I have been wanting to cut off my hair. Every couple of months the urge would come over me.

Finally, I felt like yes. I felt like I needed a new push for releasing weight. I felt like cutting my hair aka as the big chop would help me. I told Sean, let's do this. As he buzzed my hair off, I could feel the energy of all the deaths of family and friends, the break up of friendships, the dealing of going from maiden to mother and all the challenges I held inside fall away.

I felt free. I felt ten years younger.

Bloom. I have bloomed a lot this year. There is still a lot more to 2016 to go. I am embracing this new Bloom for myself.

I'm not suggesting you cut off your hair. Where in your life do you feel stagnant or want to change? I feel stronger, look better and feel ready to take on life in a big way. Sometimes we need to do our own change, before Life makes changes for us.

What would you like to change? How would you like to be or look like when 2017 comes in?



thetarotman said...

My Beautiful Shell, although I only saw you less than two weeks ago, reading your post brought home what I have also been feeling.

First, I have been Divinely Guided to lose some excess weight. Indeed, it has become a bit frustrating to find pants that either have an expandable waist, or a drawstring waist. Also, the other day I thought to myself, "I have yet to get sick and tired of being sick and tired of always having a weight loss issue," but I AM much closer to feeling that way, and that is when some massive Miracle shall take place.

Vanity aside, I know that weighing less shall make my overall body happy, as well as my doctors.

In addition, just the other day, earlier this week, I was talking to my Divine Consort about cutting my hair. And I have been Divinely Guided to do this, truly, since December, 2015. And the date to cut my hair this year has already been set for that to happen.

In addition, in "A Toxic Trousseau," (Number Eight in the "Witchcraft Mystery Series") by Juliet Blackwell, Lily Ivory reads a quote from (the late and great) Anais Nin. "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was greater than the risk to bloom."

Yes, "BLOOM!"

Now, for the record, the original quote uses the word "blossom," but the fact that this book was published in 2016,and that your Goddess-Graced Theme for 2016 is "Bloom" is truly no coincidence.

Indeed, you, me, and many of us have more blooming to do, and the approaching first Harvest of 2016, shall certainly yield ever-increasing greatness for many of us.

thetarotman said...

I stand corrected: the novel was "Spellcasting in Silk," (Number 7 in the "Witchcraft Mystery Series"), by Juliet Blackwell, that featured the Anais Nin quote.

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