Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice and The Full Moon

Happy Summer Solstice. Today marks the longest day of the year, the beginning of Summer by the calendar and the sign Cancer begins to.

We have fire and water energy swirling all around us.

This beautiful lady that I got from dollar tree is my own personal Goddess of Summer. I gave her the name Hokulani which means in Hawaiian: Divine Star. I put Hokulani on my wall to remind me for this Summer to have fun, feel free, and dance to my own inner music.

What does Summer mean to you? Do you have any fun plans for Summer?

Here are things to do to welcome Summer:

Get up with the dawn and greet the Sun.

Wear a daisy or a rose in your hair today.

Burn yellow, orange, or blue candles.

Leave a dish with butter or milk for the Faeries.

Make a list of fun events to go to this Summer.

Wear the color blue in your clothes and wear shell jewerly to get that Mermaid/ Merman feel.

Read the young adult book Seven Tears into The Sea by Terri Farley and Seal Island by Kate Brailler. Both delve into stories about Mer people. Perfect for the Summer.

Dive into stories of these African Goddesses connected to mother Ocean: Yemaya, Oshun and Mami Wata.

And to top it off it's The Full Moon in Sagittarius. This Full Moon is better known as The Honeymoon.

All my Sagittarius Moon and Sun babies this is your moon. Sagittarius is the Great Archer in the sky. Use the lively energy of Sagittarius to give a fiery push to your Summer plans. Maybe throw in something that is slightly unlike you. Challenge yourself to grow this Summer. I am challenging myself to increase my exercising to get to a specific weight goal.

It is a jam packed Monday, my friends. Remember the energy of the Full Moon will last into Wednesday. Make it a great Monday and have an amazing start of Summer.


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Anonymous said...

This was a lovely post, Shell.

I felt led to spend the day at one of my favorite beaches yesterday, Monday, June 20, 2016. I also gave offerings to Ymoja, Selene, Auset, and also felt led to give an offering to Ixchel, as well.

Got tanner, and had such a wonderful time in Nature, as well.

There was definitely a building up of Magickal Energy the last few days.

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