Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dreamy Thursday Returns: Cozy Chair nooks

Happy Thursday, my friends. I have decided to bring back for the Summer one of my favorite series I did here on Swan of Dreamers: Dreamy Thursday.

This is what I said back in 2011:

Since Thursday is my favorite day, hence I have created
Dreamy Thursday.

Now, what is Dreamy Thursday? Every Thursday, I'm going
to write about something, someone, place, song, book, clothing,
etc that makes me all super dreamy inside. That feeling of
happiness, zest and nourishment that comes from something
touching your soul.

To kick of Dreamy Thursday again is Cozy Chair Nooks.

When I was a kid, my mom had a deep brown recliner chair with footstool that I love to sit and read books in. The chair sat in our foyer; I always felt warm and happy there. When I grew up, I got my own version with a romantic feel to it.

My club chair that I got from Ethan Allen has its lovely spring fabric now faded. (I need to get it reupholstered). I cover it now with a lovely quilt that I got from Marshall's and a beautiful quilt my mother-in-law made for Jake. The chair has a lived in feeling. I love to sit there to read, look at the moon, do readings and plan for the future.

Here are a few Pinterest versions of a Cozy Chair nook.

A Cozy Chair Nook is just for you. Others can sit there. It radiates with your energy.

It says this is my space to be.

After a long day, a chair nook is a welcome friend.

You don't have one yourself? Make one, all you need is a Cozy chair, a nice nook in your home to put the chair at and yourself. You are all set.

I hope you enjoyed this return to Dreamy Thursday. Have a great Thursday.


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