Romantic Vignette 16 #:Yumiko

Yumiko had enjoyed her marriage to Rokuro. He was everything that every girl would had wished for: handsome, wealthy, charming. Something stirred inside her when she woke in the mornings now. In the past few month she felt something is wrong inside her soul. Her mother and her in laws teased that it was time for her to become a mother.

Then a new teacher had come to the village, he was rumored to have been a disowned son of a wealth landowner in the western province. Jiro. She had first seen him when she had walked to see her mother. He was all legs, wild ebony hair flowing in the breeze and a crooked smile. When he looked at her, Yumiko's heart beat. Those eyes she had never seen eyes so dark and intense before.

As if on unspoken agreement, Thursdays would find them on the same path after Yumiko's visit her with her mother and the ending of Jiro's school day. They would smile, walk together and talk of books and places they both wish to visit.

Yumiko told herself that it was a harmless friendship. She knew better. She locked that away in her heart for now and looked forward to Thursdays with Jiro....


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