Happy Poetry Month

Happy Friday, my friends. It is April 1st. I love when April comes along because Spring is starting in earnest now. It's also Poetry Month! Because who doesn't love Poetry? If you hate poetry, then join me this month. I am going to share all kinds of poetry: formal, blank verse, free verse,haiku.

To kick off Poetry Month is Gwendolyn Brooks, the first African-American woman, to win the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Her poetry is full of powerful imagery. I love how she tells stories through her poetry.

A great example is one of her famous poems: Sadie and Maud. Enjoy.

Sadie and Maud by Gwendolyn Brooks

Maud went to college.
Sadie stayed home.
Sadie scraped life
With a fine toothed comb.

She didn't leave a tangle in
Her comb found every strand.
Sadie was one of the livingest chicks
In all the land.

Sadie bore two babies
Under her maiden name.
Maud and Ma and Papa
Nearly died of shame.

When Sadie said her last so-long
Her girls struck out from home.
(Sadie left as heritage
Her fine-toothed comb.)

Maud, who went to college,
Is a thin brown mouse.
She is living all alone
In this old house.


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