The Force is Wide Awake Now...

Happy Wednesdsay, everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful Solstice. I'm in the process of finishing the last touches for Christmas.

I'm here to give my review of The Force Awakens. I will keep it spoiler free as I can. Though I'm thinking most people saw it by now. The big takeaway is Go See It! Like go now, if you haven't seen it. It's good. If you a fan of the saga, you will enjoy. If you never seen Star Wars, you can still enjoy it immensely. If you hate Star Wars, well I can't help you there. To each her/his own right?

Basically, General Leia is looking for her brother, Luke Skywalker. Luke is missing, the First Order is rising out of the ashes of the Empire, the galaxy is threatened again and there is a man named Kylo Ren running around with visions of being the next Darth Vader. If things aren't bad enough, the First Order is hunting Luke as well. The don't wish to see the Jedi rise again.

Meanwhile, a pilot, working for the rebellion, named Poe Dameron has a map that may find Luke. He leaves the info in his trusty droid BB-8 who escapes. Poe gets captured by Kylo Ren. Meanwhile, a stormtrooper named Finn is waking up and wants to leave the First Order. Back on the desert planet of Jakku, Rey is eking out a living as a scavenger of old wrecks waiting for her family to return again.

Now how do Poe, Finn and Rey meet up? Do they meet up with General Leia, Han Solo and Chewie? Do they ever find Luke? Why is Kylo Ren obsessed with Vader and finding Luke? And what the heck happened to Luke?

Now, I'm not going to tell you. You have to see the movie for itself. Does the plot seem familiar? Yes, it does. There are twists in this. I also appreciate the echoes from the other six movies referenced through out The Force Awakens. If you a deep fan like I am, you will catch them all.

The best thing about the movie it's a great blend of action, humor and heart. It sets up the next two movies coming perfectly. If you don't know, there is also two other stand alone movies coming called Rogue One and Young Han Solo.

The only thing I had a true problem being a Luke fan is that I don't buy that Luke would of just left like that. The Luke Skywalker I grew up with doesn't go all hermit and leaves everyone. I know that serves the plot. (That's a personal issue on my part.)

It's also great that you have a woman and two men of color in the leads. That totally rocks.

So, to sum it up. Go see it. Enjoy The Force Awakens.

Of course, May The Force Be With You Always....


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