Summer Pretties

Happy Friday, my friends. Here are some lovely images that I have been pinning on Pinterest. Pretties for your soul.

I always have favored gentleness, beauty, kindness in my world.

Not pretty for pretty's sake. Pretty to soothe and inspire.

Yes, I have been called Pollyanna and Romantic. It was often said with a sarcastic tones to it. I don't care. That is me. I feel looking on the bright side of life helps make my life happier especially when challenges arise. Keeps me always attracting better outcomes.

Romance. Romantic. That is a a feeling. A feeling based within not without. You can have romance with anything not just a person.

Whatever kind of life you lead, always make sure to have something that is beautiful to you or makes you feel beautiful.

Let us dance, sing, wear pretty clothes and enjoy our lives.

I wish for you all a weekend of beauty, kindness and peace.


1 comment:

Victoria said...

Gorgeous..such lovely images..inspiring and beautiful! I am just like you.. I am a proud romantic soul..I think it is a good thing!! Wishes you a magical August my friend!