Monday, July 20, 2015

Pump up your Monday

I know, I know it's Monday. Depending on where Mondays find you: at a 9-5 job, sahm or sahd, coming in from the night shift, unemployed or laying out at the beach, you can still make Mondays great.

Yes. You can. Here are my top five ways to Pump up your Monday:

1) Go out to eat. Don't cook. Go out for dinner with family and friends tonight. Unwind and let someone else cook for a change.

2) Go to the movies. Wanting to see the latest movie and don't like weekend movie crowds. Monday nights at the movie is relaxed, fun and drama free.

3) Plan something fun. Go dancing, to an exhibit, a stroll at the local botanical gardens, a jazz club. Make Mondays your day to get out of the house and into life.

4) Make Mondays your yes day to yourself. Whatever any one asks you today, if it doesn't make you light up don't do it. Yes, even with work. Shift it to tomorrow or delegate it to someone else.

5) Make sure to spend time outside today or tonight. Sit in your local park, walk among your local wildflowers, take a book to read outside. Bask in the sunlight or moonlight to fill your soul.

Remember it is your life and your Monday. Don't let Monday go by without having fun and filling up your spirit. Have a great and Happy Monday.


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