Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May Day

Happy Friday, my friends. It's May Day. May is here and finally Spring is beginning to be felt. My favorite apple blossoms are blooming now. Their heavenly scent filling the air. All our sweet wildflowers are coming up to: dandelions, wild iris, violets. It is beautiful to behold. Dandelions, are my old friends from childhood, when there happy faces come up I know it's May.

I wish I could tell you I'll be frolicing with the Faeries later on. Alas, I have Mommy duties to attend to today. Still, I am going to buy flowers in honor of this wonderful day. (And also dance with my ipod later on!)

Wherever you are at, reading this, have fun today. You can:
* Buy yourself flowers
* Go to a local garden
* Bake sweet things
* Dance to music
* Read faerie themed poetry
* Make a list of wishes you like to come true
* Burn candles in colors and scents of Spring

Me and my lovely faerie friend wish you a Merry May Day. Enjoy.



Victoria said...

Gorgeous post...beautiful words..enchanting beautiful!
Blessings of May..wishing you many sparkles kindred-sister!

Jennifer said...

I love May Day and especially love all of your enchanting spring time ideas! Happy Spring Shell!

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