Happy Thursday

Happy If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know it's my favorite day.

Thursday named after the Norse god of Thunder, Abundance, Fertility aka as Thor. Thursday is also aligned with the old Roman God Jupiter. Guess what Jupiter was best known for: Prosperity and Good Fortune.

Even if you don't believe in Thor or Jupiter, the fact that Thursday is aligned with them gives the day for me an extra juice of good fortune and fun. So don't wait for Friday to have your fun!! Do it on Thursday.

Since it's Thursday, I want to share with you that Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist announced her annual Halloween Party. Click on the picture below and all the information about it will take you to her beautiful blog. I'm joining in. Hope to see you too.

If you have never done a blog party, let your imagination go and have fun. Halloween can be fun, scary, romantic, gothic..whatever you wish it to be. This is the party I did two Octobers ago. With all the busy schedules with Jacob, I wasn't able to participate last year.

Here is a simple visualization I like to do to feel inspired and full of good fortune. I was inspired by Summer McStracvick's Flowdreaming philosophy.

I close my eyes. I am walking under a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds. Suddenly, the energy of good fortune and prosperity comes flowing out of the sky. The color can change depending on what color connects with how I want to feel. The good energy flows around and through me. You can do this sitting down or standing. Whatever works for you. At least do it for 3-5 minutes. Choose whatever colors make you feel happy, prosperous and lucky.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday.



Jennifer said...

Oh yay! Glad you are participating too! I enjoy Thursday for Thor as well, and mostly because it's my last day in the school week. After that I can sit at home and study instead of sitting at school and hearing lectures. The joys of being a student!

Tracy said...

HAPPY DAY, Shell! Those parties of Vanessa's are big happenings... I can't believe Halloween is just a bit over a month away! ((HUGS))