Happy Autumn

Hello, my friends.

It's time to dance again as the seasons change. Today is a energy packed day. Not only does Autumn begins, it is also a new moon in Libra.

I like feel that as the wheel turns, doors fly open. Doors for opportunity, new beginnings, farewells. Last night, I was feeling depressed. The weight of unrealized dreams weighing heavily on me. I cried, as I stared out at the sky of the last Summer night of 2014. Knowing that a good cry is cleansing for the soul.

Then I came on pinterest and saw this:

And I thought yes, I need to remember this. When I turned on the light, I saw this picture which I have framed in my bedroom.

I remember the promise I made to my old friend here. I said, okay, Chris. I'll keep going. You have to help a sistah out. I swear I thought his picture smile.

It's a new season. Today, reaffirm your faith in yourself and in your dreams. It is true you are never too old or too young to have dreams. When you feel down like I did last night, there are signs everywhere encouraging you to keep going.

Here are two sweet things you can do today:

The first is find a fallen leaf today. Or draw one, if you can't find an actual one. Then write on it your dream. Put all your love of the your dream in that leaf. You can now let it go by letting the wind carry it or throw it on a body of water. If that doesn't suit you, Keep the leaf on your altar or special places where you put things that you love close to you. Know day by day, as the season goes, the energy of your dream is getting stronger.

The second is the corncopia or the horn of plenty. Whenever you are feeling down in general, find a picture of a corncopia to look at. You can use this one or even draw one. Use all your senses, what would your horn of plenty look, smell, feel, hear or taste like. Imagine your favorite person in the whole world gifting you this to make it even better. Spend at least five minutes on this.

If you have any special tips you do celebrate the season or keep focused on your dreams, please share in the comments below. I'm wishing you all a wonderful Autumn season. May it be happy, blessed and prosperous for you and yours.



Jennifer said...

Love that cornucopia visualization! I must also try to remember not to be in a race with other people, I can only try to be a better person than the one I was yesterday!

Dena Miller said...

Shell, Have a blessed Autumn!!
Thinking of you!
Much Love and Bright Blessings,

Victoria said...

HI Shell, such a beauitful and deeply touching post! It is so wonderful when moments like that shift into a more positive space and shine magic and hope into the heart again..powerful ! Yes keep flying with your dreams! I loved all that you shared,and the leaf meditations are beautiful!I love Autumn too and each season have some sort of altar that honors each day and those I love..it sparks me up. I love the cornucopia visual too..awesome, thank you!!
Massive hugs and sparkles kindred sister
Happy Autumn!

Tracy said...

Happy Autumn Days to you & yours, Shell! LOVE that top image! I just love autumn... it has so much power, gentle energy in a lot of ways, but truly transformative, I find. :o) ((HUGS))