Full Moon weekend

Hello, my friends. The time away has been good to help me heal and just hear my heart speak.

I feel the need to get back to Swan of Dreamers. Here I am.

Tonight, I sat outside my building to soak in that lovely Moon energy. I came upstairs feeling illuminated. This picture is how the moon looked here.

Happy Full Moon. This is one of my favorite full moons:the Aquarius moon. All my sun and moon Aquarius babies, my sun sign is Aquarius, this our moon. Good things always happen for me within Aquarius moon.

Feel the need to revolt, reveal and be Revolutionary? That's the sweet zany Aquarius energy speaking to you. Follow the call, my friends.

Here is a simple Full Moon ritual for you. Go outside after sunset. Find a spot where you feel safe. Sit, lie down,or stand. Watch the moon. Stay at least ten minutes.

That's it.

I did this tonight for an hour. My whole body energy felt brighter. I still have the lunar glow feeling even now. Simple can be powerful, my friends.

If you can't get outside for whatever reason, watch the moon from your window. If it's bad weather where you are, burn a blue, white or silver candle. Gaze at the flame. Visualize the flame is the light of the moon throwing it's light on you.

There is always a way you can find to celebrate the full moon, my friends

I'm wishing you all a beautiful full moon.

P.S. I'm thinking of having a linky party for the next full Moon. Never did one before, might be fun to try.



Jennifer said...

Happy full moon gorgeous lady! Loved seeing a post from you!

Dena Miller said...

Good to sear from you My Friend! The moon was lovely last night...it is so wonderful to know that we are all enjoying her beauty underneath the same vast sky!