Thursday, August 14, 2014

For Robin

My friend, Neo, and I went to amazing supportive group called the Shakespeare Forum here in NYC on Tuesday. It is place where actors can share their Shakespeare monologues and scene work. As we walked in the rain crossing Broadway, we talked about Robin Williams. How his death was heartbreaking for us as fellow actors and growing up with Robin way back from Mork and Mindy. We both wondered if the artistic director would mention his death. He did in a gentle and beautiful way.

I could go on how I always admired Robin's intuitive acting style with his comedy and drama. Or that I related with Robin as a only child he created imaginary worlds to stave off loneliness, something I totally get. His long friendship with my beloved, Christopher Reeve, that at the point when Chris thought of suicide himself, Robin came dressed as his doctor making him laugh and reminded Chris how important life is. Robin raised money for charities and used his fame for good causes.

I wish that in those final dark moments before he decided to step of the stage of life, that the love of his family, friends, fans and faith could of pushed away the darkness so he could of lived to have seen the sunrise on August 12th. Sometimes you don't have to push through to get to the next day, sometimes you just need to get through to the next thirty minutes or hour. To find the energy to reach out for help. Depression is a dark place. Some of us, sadly, don't make it out alive.

Thank you Robin for the laughter and drama. How you inspired us and made us laugh. You are an original. There will be no other like you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope now you are at peace, sweet Robin. You will be missed deeply.


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Jennifer said...

Rest well Robin. He was so beloved by so many, a truly gifted and beautiful spirit.

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