Merry May Day

Happy May Day or Beltane. May 1st will always be special to me because about three years ago on that day I had the first stirrings that I was pregnant. My womb was flowering just as Nature was around me. About 10 days later, I got the news officially.

Where I live, the dandelions are popping up. There are these beautiful pale white flowers with touches of blue that are popping up now too. I don't know what their name is. When I see them, I always think of Faeries.

Today is traditionally thought of a time when the layers between the worlds grow thin. You may be out and about with friends and family, meet up with a Faerie without knowing you have. If you find yourself invited to a glorious party today with beautiful people who shine and glow, you may dance with them. Don't drink or eat anything! If you do, you will have to stay in Faerie land much longer than you ever wished to be.

Today, wear colors that remind you of Spring. Tie a ribbon or wear a flower in your hair. Put a bit of sparkly eyeshadow on your face. Make merry wherever you can. If the weather is gloomy where you are, no matter. Put on your favorite outfit. Eat delicious fruit or sweet treat. Light a beautiful candle and dream of Sunny days.

Wishing you all a lovely Merry May Day. Here's a sweet poem for this special day.

Wine Of The Fairies

I am drunk with the honey wine
Of the moon-unfolded eglantine,
Which fairies catch in hyacinth bowls.
The bats, the dormice, and the moles
Sleep in the walls or under the sward
Of the desolate castle yard;
And when ’tis spilt on the summer earth
Or its fumes arise among the dew,
Their jocund dreams are full of mirth,
They gibber their joy in sleep; for few
Of the fairies bear those bowls so new!

Percy Bysshe Shelley



Anonymous said...

Another great post, Shell. Thank you.

In Magickal Traditions, Beltane (also spelled Bealtaine) symbolizes the Sacred Union of the Goddess and the God. It is a Celebration of Fertility, Sexuality, and Abundance, in various forms: Love, Money, Joy, Sweetness, Pleasure, etc.

Also, in some Magickal Traditions, a ribbon is tied around a tree branch to make a wish. The Lore is that, once the ribbon comes loose from the branch, that is when the wish is in motion.

And yes, Bealtaine certainly has a connection to the Faeries. Certainly a great time to have a Reading with a Fairy-themed Deck!

Dena Miller said...

Beautiful Post Shell!!! Happy May Day to you and yours♥

mxtodis123 said...

Wishing you and yours a Merry May Day.

Jennifer said...

This is such a beautiful, fertile time! The last bits of snow are gone and the green grass is starting to become more vibrant with all of the rain!