Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Moon

Happy Tuesday, my friends. It is one of that extra special sparkly days that shine on that calendar. It is a New Moon in Taurus and also a solar eclipse. That is sizzling energy out there today.

Here is a sweet ritual to do today. Get yourself a green candle. If you can't find a green candle, how about a chocolate brown or a sun yellow candle. Now decorate it with glitter or lay a flower near it. (Please don't let it get burned!) Say a prayer or favorite affirmations. Then light the candle. Sit and look at your lovely candle. I like to imagine when I light my candles, that the energy of it is shooting out into the Universe. Glowing like a bright beacon to attract the energy behind whatever the prayer, wish or affirmation is. Know that whatever you called for, will come to you in Divine Timing.



Joanna DeVoe said...

Sooo lovely... HAPPY NEW MOON!

Anonymous said...

Shell, thank you for another lovely post.

In Western Astrology, Taurus is the Sign of Money and Possessions. Also, in the Chaldean-Hebrew Kabbalah System of Numerology, the Number 6 is connected to Taurus, Libra, Venus, Love, Money, and Creativity.

Any of those intentions are especially ideal for a Taurus New Moon.

Incidentally, I love how simple and sublime the Ritual is, and the flower connects it to the Element of Earth, and Taurus is the strongest of the Earth Signs.

Again, thank you for another lovely post.

Jennifer said...

Happy beautiful New Moon! Time to shed the old and contemplate what newness we want to bring in!

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