Happy Earth Day

Happy Tuesday, my friends. I got a chance to go out with my boys and soak in the sunshine on this Earth Day. This day is a great reminder for ourselves that we are connected to the world. Whatever happens to Mama Earth, we will share the same fate. Recycling, reusing, reducing is all important things to do daily .Earth Day goes deeper for me. It is a day to remember we are kin to all the animals, flowers, trees, sky and clouds. We are connected in an ever linking chain. Doesn't matter if you live in the city or country. Nature is all around us.

* Get to know all the local wildflowers and trees near you. Research their names. Take note of which flowers or trees bloom first where you live. Which ones are your favorites?
* What animals are around you? You may just think it's just a few birds or squirrels. I'm sure there is a lot more than that. Really look around to see what kind of animals are popping up around your home.

I live in The Bronx. Where I am, you may be surprise to know, is full of animals. We have geese, ducks, squirrels, sparrows, red robins, blue birds, skunks, eagles, seagulls, groundhogs, rabbits. As one of my neighbors said to me the other day, it's a zoo around here. Just today, I saw the first three or four dandelions peeking out from the ground. We have wild apple trees here. The apple blossoms are starting to sprout and go pink. Soon, there fragrant scent will be delighting me. I do love when the apple blossoms come.

I feel what causes neglect from people about the Earth, they are not connected to Nature. Knowing the wildlife and plantlife where we live locally makes us feel one with the land. I know it does for me. Something, I want to pass on to Jacob.

I love to hear in the comments all the animals and plants that you love in your area. Happy Earth Day.



Dena Miller said...

Recently, I collected chestnuts and sweet gum balls in a local park. It was a great day connecting to nature. In my yard, I grow roses and many vegetables and herbs. Connecting with the Earth is so important to me.

Jennifer said...

I have no doubt that the Bronx is actually filled with little critters! We can be in touch with nature in even the biggest of cities, and being in touch is what grounds people; contributing sooo much to happiness!