Hello, my fellow dreamers.

I'm doing my best to balance my social media time better to do get more creative things accomplished this year. Of course a lot of my time is spent with Jacob. Yes, I will be posting some new pictures of him soon. He is growing so big now. I want to ride that wild donkey a lot this year.

As I have been surfing in all these creative ideas, the word for the year came to me. I didn't think I have one this year, I was cool with that. I want to make sure this year to do things that really resonate with my spirit. Then it came to me and felt right.

My word for 2014 is Providence. It has an old fashioned sound to it. Most people rarely talk about Providence. I feel it is a beautiful word and concept. Here is what it means:

Providence - Divine guidance or care; The protective care of God or of Nature as a spiritual power.

A reminder that we are always cared and guided for. Whatever your spiritual background is, Providence is something that we can all remember and rely on especially when things in our lives get rocky.

Wishing you all a beautiful week. Everyone stay warm with this polar freeze we are experiencing all over the US.

P.S. Share with me your word of the year.



Dena Miller said...

Shell, How Lovely!!!!! Your Chosen word is perfect!!! I have not thought of a word for the year until now and I believe I would choose "Truth" I feel that it is so important to be true to yourself. In the song "Mysterious Origin" that I wrote, I mention the above reference and also that "The Key in life is just to be yourself." So yes, I would choose the word "Truth! Thanks for sharing this post as it has inspired me♥
Bright Blessings,

Dena Miller said...

Once again, thanks so much for inspiring me...I invite you to visit me in Blog Land♥

Laurel said...

Hello My Friend. Missing you, How are you are you beautiful family?
trying again to reconnect with my writer self. So hard but so needing an outlet.
Facebook and Insta has killed me creative wise. I want this again.

Jennifer said...

Providence! Yes gorgeous word! My word of the year I've decided is harmony. Th east two years have been incredibly hectic and stressful, I feel that 2014 is coming together and will be restful and happy.

Tracy said...

Providence--that is a beautiful work for guiding you this year, Shell! I love the word Providence and wish it was still in use. We need gifts of grace to see us through in this life. This year I don't really have a word or phrase, which is unusual for me--just being OPEN... open to all the presents itself feels very OK. I hope to write more about this next week. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))