Dreamy Snowy Day

Happy Tuesday, my friends.

It is a perfectly snowy day here in The Bronx. The wind and snow whipping outside my window, while I have a lone red candle in a votive glowing. My late napping toddler will have to be wake up soon. I'm enjoying the quiet for now and letting my thoughts roam with all of you.

I love snowy days. Even if I have to trudge outside like I did earlier, I love walking in the clean snow. With the wind whipping my skirt around me and my nose getting red like rudolph, all I need is the cue of a romantic theme music rise up like in a movie.

The best part of a snowy day is coming inside to a warm home. I always make sure to have a sweet treat in the house to look forward to. Which goes to the decadent of chocolate chip cookie dough I make for days like this or a sweet energizing smoothie. Then hoping if I have time between Jacob, to watch the snow fall for a few moments outside and dream.

Do you like snowy days? What do you like to do on a Snowy day best? I love to hear.

P.S. One of my best buds, likes to visualize the snow is actually money falling from the sky. I love that idea!

2nd PS. My sweet energizing smoothie recipe
1 banana
1 apple (can also use peaches or strawberries. Or whatever your favorite fruit is.)
A big handful of fresh baby spinach (Or your favorite green vegetable)
A smattering of wheat germ
4 big spoonfuls of Vanilla low fat yogurt



Dena Miller said...

I love to watch the snow falling down..it is so magical, especially at night when the lights from the street catch the crystals in each snowflake glistening. It is truly Mesmerizing!! Thanks so much Shell for the smoothie recipe, it sounds yummy♥

Jennifer said...

I imagine you are getting similar icy cold weather conditions to us! I love snowy days, and walking outside in them if it's not too freezing. Otherwise I'm indoor kitten, watching movies, knitting, painting, making hot stews!