The Full Moon and The Good Witch

Happy Friday my friends. This is going to be an extra long post.
Sit back and enjoy. Have a nice drink or tea, depending on your

It's going to be an extra special Friday tonight because it's
a Full Moon. This is the Full Moon in Aries. So all my
sun and moon sign Aries, my moon sign is in Aries, this
is our extra special moon.

If you don't know what your moon sign is, you can google
moon signs. I know some free sites will come up that
you can find that out.

My understanding of the moon sign it's like your shadow side.
The part of you that you may keep hidden or that gives you
depth as a person.

Aries energy is full of fire, power, passion and movement.
Red, orange and even a deep yellow candle is great to burn
tonight and tomorrow. Or if you are feeling mellow, you can connect with the
lovely Friday energy with a pink candle. Friday is all about love,
romance and happiness.

It's also Magical Movie Friday here at Swan of Dreamers. Last week,
I recommended Miracle in The Rain.Today's movie is The Good Witch series that is aired on the Hallmark channel.

I absolutely love this series. It stars Catherine Bell as the enchanting
Cassandra Nightingale. In the first movie she moves in to an ordinary
small town called Middleton.

She inherits the local "haunted" house that was owned by one of her ancestors
called the Grey Lady. She also opens a store called Bell, Book and Candle.
Her reputation as a witch delights and repels the town. She is befriended by the local sheriff Jake Russell played by Chris Potter and his family. Cassie also encounters prejudice which may drive her out of her new home.

What I love about the series is that Cassie is a warm and good hearted
person. She doles out great wisdom with her magic. It's a really good
family friend series.

There are six movies in the series. Here they are in order.

1) The Good Witch
2) The Good Witch's Garden
3) The Good Witch's Gift
4) The Good Witch's Family
5) The Good Witch's Charm
6) The Good Witch's Destiny (which comes out on Oct 26th)

I also heard they are going to start filming a seventh film
soon!! Woo hoo.

Here is a trailer for the first movie. Enjoy my friends.

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mxtodis123 said...

I absolutely love these films and can't wait for the new one.

Jennifer said...

I love the Good Witch movies so much! Catherine Bell has such a charm to her too, lovely lady!

Dena Miller said...

Shell, I love this post of yours!!! I too adore the Good Witch series!!! I find myself always looking for it on the Hallmark channel. Thanks so much for sharing about the new movie coming out. I will be watching it! Do you know it there is a DVD series available? Anyway, the Full Moon this past weekend was truly wonderful...glad to hear that you were able to enjoy it's enchantment.

Pamela said...

I like the Good Witch, too! I was hoping for more than one day of it and I am trying to locate the DVD's now. One time I sat down with a notebook and wrote down Cassie quotes of wisdom. She really teaches a lot of concepts. The show has a lot of humor in it, too. It's fun to find other kindred spirits who watch this series. Thanks for this post!