Friday, October 11, 2013

Miracle in The Rain

Happy Friday, my friends. Friday is the perfect day
to kick off my Magical Movies for October. For three
Fridays in a row, I'll be sharing movies that have a
magical feel to them.

This Friday's movies is a lovely romantic gem that I found
via Warner Instant Archive. You pay 9.99 a month
and get to watch unlimited movies. It is filled with
a slew of classic movies that I love.

Miracle in The Rain (1956) stars Jane Wyman and
Van Johnson. Jane is Ruth Wood, a lonely office worker
and dutiful daughter who lives a quiet life. On a rainy
afternoon she meets Van, a lively soldier named
Art Hugenon, who charms his way into Ruth's life.

Before you know it, Ruth and Art are falling in love.
This is wartime. His leave time is up and he is
being sent abroad. The two promise to keep in touch
and marry when he returns.

Now, what happens next. Well, I can't tell you that.
You just have to watch the rest of the movie.
Jane Wyman and Van Johnson are pure magic on
screen together. It's one of those films that you
watch once and stays with you afterward.

Of course, I found a clip for all of you that
shows Jane and Van's first meeting.

Miracle in The Rain goes on my personal remake list.
A lovely film that reinforces the power of love against
all odds.



1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Well this looks enchanting! Is Warner better than Netflix? I pay to be able to watch the Netflix from any country, so I'm constantly finding lovely movies to watch myself.

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