Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My 5th Blogversary

Swan of Dreamers turns 5 today!

I want to thank all of my fellow dreamy readers. Especially
my friends who have been coming here year after year. It is
all of you who make blogging the fun adventure is still is.

Since it's all about 5 today. I'm going to share 5 things
that I've learned over my years of blogging.

1) Share your heart with your readers. You will not only
have readers,also, friends as well.

2) Write about what you love, not what's trending in blogland.

3) Beautiful pictures add a lift to any post.

4) It's not about the quantity of readers, but the quality.

5) When you keep yourself inspired, your blog will reflect that.

One of my main goals of Swan of Dreamers is to be a place of
inspiration and happiness. Whatever is going on in your world,
you can come here and get a boost of sunshine. I will continue
to do this online as long as I can.

I like to end this post with these words from Emily Dickinson.
She is one of my favorite poets. I call it Emily's Prayer.

In the name of the Bee –
And of the Butterfly –
And of the Breeze — Amen!



Tracy said...

AMEN, Shell! I always find a great wealth of inspiration and happiness here, always have. Happy 5... and here's to many, many more blogiversaries! :o) ((HUGS))

koralee said...

Happy dance....Happy 5 years to you.!

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