Full Moon Monday

Happy Moonday my friends. Yes, that is not a
mistake I wrote. Monday is named after the Moon.
Tonight is the Full Moon.

It is the Full moon in earthy Virgo. All my Virgo
Sun and Moon babies out there, this is your extra
special sparkly moon.

Earth energy covers anything that has to do with
the material world. Your body, money, security,
food and nature.

This is our last Winter moon, with Spring coming
in a few weeks. For me, this Virgo moon is a reminder
to keep treating my body good. Keep up my self care and
love body project going.

What is the Virgo Moon saying to you?
Need to clean up your finances?
Need to eat better?
To feel more grounded in your life?
To find your inner security?
To Love your body better?
To plan a new garden for the year?

So many questions, my friends. Ponder
what you need to focus on. With Spring
coming in a few weeks, it will be great
to align your goals to the awakening
energy of the earth in Spring.

As always, follow your intuition on
what do to best on This Full Moon.

Wishing you a beautiful Full Moon, my friends.


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