Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Happy January, my friends.

I know I'm a bit late with the well wishes.
Still.. better late than ever.

It's only been 8 days into 2013. I've been
making major changes. Inspired by
Leonie's 2013 Create Your Incredible Year
Calendar and Workbook
, I finally purchased
my domain name for my acting website.
Themichelleswan.com is officially open. You know how I long I've been putting off doing
that. Too long!

I'm also an affiliate of Leonie Dawson's Goddess Course.
Basically, I spread love about her work and I get
some sweet dinero. I only share what I liked and worked
for me. Her Goddess Business course
which I learned about being an affiliate and so much
more about business is a great gift for yourself in 2013.

I've finally decided to make a lifestyle change
with my eating. I still have my baby weight on me.
It's time to say bye-bye to those unwanted pounds.
I got a hula hoop to exercise and starting doing
portion control. That first day was hard. My stomach
was howling!! It's getting easier. I use my palm and fist to measure
the food on my plate. So easy for me to remember.
Drinking peppermint tea at night to curb any
night time urges. Did you know that our stomach
is only the size of two fists?! Yeah..it made
me cringe on how much I use to eat.

Finally, I'm working on growing my hair longer.
I've been wearing my hair natural since 98'.
I decided to experiment to see how long I can
get my hair to grow.

This is all that's going on behind the scenes
with me. All of that resonates with my word
of the year for me which is BEAUTY. To feel
beautiful inside and out. Spread beauty to

I'm hoping you have big 2013 dreams for yourself.
This is the year to do it. Whatever those
secret dreams are in your heart. You can do
it. Shine bright, my friends!!!

I know this was a long post. Sometimes,
there is so much to say, my friends.

P.S. I also have a newsletter for
my spirit business. Monthly tips on
how to use your intuition to make your life
brighter and easier,so please sign
up if you wish here



Victoria said...

Yay..so wonderful Shell..wishing you much magic and joy on all your new adventures ! Happy 2013..may it be filled with many blessings! and yay..your hair will look awesome long..you are a beauty!

Tracy said...

A hula hoop--such fun! Good luck with getting shape and your weight goals. I've been doing yoga a long time. But I'm trying adding some weight training this year. That statistic on stomach
is only the size of two fists...Whoa, that has me thinking! Exciting news about your changes, Shell...and exciting about expanding your creative business horizons. I really enjoyed your newsletter! Wishing you all the best and dreams come true! ((HUGS))