Breathe, Dream and Be

Happy Thursday, everyone.

I feel exactly like this First Nation woman here.
I have all these dreams that want to come through.
There is only one me. I have to do it one task at
a time.

Remember to breathe.
Remember to look up at the sky.
Remember to just be.

Do you ever feel like that? Or is just me?

I did win a spot with Joanna Powell Colbert's
Yule/Midwinter course. Which I'm looking forward to.
Thanks Joanna for picking me.

I'm also still part of Leonie Dawson's Goddess Circle.
Here new 2013 Life and Business Workbooks came out.
As always, Leonie creates beautiful and practical
things you can use.

Inspired by the Business Goddess E-course, I finally created a
mailing list for my Spirit Business: The Enchanted Swan. If you
like to sign up please do, go on over to Enchanted Swan.
Being on the mailing list, you get my monthly newsletter.
My second newsletter came out today. It's all
about Dreams. I also share the Christopher Reeve Dream I had
many years ago that made me continue acting. (I've shared that
story here about two years ago)

There are so many other dreams knocking on my door.
Though we are in December. Still a few weeks left in
2012 to rock out some more dreams.

Don't forget 12/12/12 is on Wednesday. Think, Dream
or Do something special on that day.

Everyone have a good weekend. I'll see you right
back here on Monday.



Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Alright Girl You are busy doing YOUR THANG too! How awesome. Writing and taking courses. So proud that you are doing you. I haven't forgotten about the gift my friend. I have been waiting for the baby books to come and they had to reprint them. I should have them soon. Sending you hugs once again and good vibes.

Elisa Day said...

I have been off the bloggland for a while. I have missed your inpspiring blog. Now I will read you latest posts.
And I also have many dreams that want to come through.

Tracy said...

Keeping Dreaming, Shell! This post was timely for me as I feel in a BIG dream space right now, and birthing a new creative project which I'm excited about. And VERY exciting about your newsletter! Like you, I often feel there is not enough me for all the ideas and dreams taking shape. Sometimes I wish I had a body double. ;o) Happy Days as you bring more dreams come true! ((HUGS))