Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't limit yourself!

Happy Wednesday.

Saturday afternoon, I made my directing debut
with a workshop of the one man show Urban Aura.

I was doing my best to stay calm especially for
my friend, Neo, since he wrote and stars in it.
Seriously, I had big butterflies in my stomach.
Once the show started and the audience started
responding to the show. All my fears melted away.

We had about 25 people come. Which was a lot more
than we expected. Now we have two more shows
coming up in the next two months, I feel a lot
more confident. When I came home, I felt like
I can do anything.

The moral of the story, my friends. That there
is a big reward in doing things that scare you.
I never though I could direct. Here I am directing.
Doing this makes me think, what else can I do
I "think" I can't do. Makes me wonder how much
do we limit our own potential for greatness in
our lives.

Don't limit yourself. Take risks not for the
material reward but what what you learn about

I can't let this day go without a birthday
shout out to my friend, Lady R. and my beloved
Montgomery Clift on what would have been his 92nd

Love you Monty. If you have no idea who Montgomery Clift
was or never seen any of his movies. Check out this post
about Monty.



Sarah said...

Congratulations Shell! I happy it went so well and wish you all the best for your future directing! X

Tracy said...

HOORAY! BIG CONGRATS on doing it! So thrilled for you. Wishing all the very best with more big steps. And thank you for the great encouragement! :o) ((HUGS))

Sweetina said...

You Rock, my Friend! I new you would be a success!
"Free your soul, the rest will follow" I love that you allow your creativity and spirituality flow and spread joy.

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