Monday, July 16, 2012

The Lost Moment

Though I still miss watching TCM, with Netflix
I'm discovering more classic films.

The Lost Moment (1947) starring Susan Hayward, Robert Cummings
and Agnes Moorehead is a gothic gem of a movie.

Robert Cummings is Lewis Venable. A book publisher who always
has one eye in the past. He gets wind from a friend of
existing love letters between a famous poet named Jeffrey Ashton
and his lover, Julianna Bordereau.

To his amazement Julianna (Agnes Moorehead) is still alive at 105.
He takes residence in her crumbling home in Venice under the alias of a
writer. There he finds himself attracted to her
dour niece Tina (Susan Hayward) who his highly suspicious of him
lodging in their home while trying to find the letters.

Lewis quickly realizes he is entering a home full of shadows and
mysteries. To tell you more, would ruin the story. The Lost
Moment is based on the novella The Aspern Papers by Henry James.
The acting is topnotch and it keeps you guessing on what will
happen next. This is a lovely film that could be remade

If you like your romance with gothic elements,
The Lost Moment is for you.

You can watch it on Netflix and Youtube.

Here's a clip for you that happens later on in the film.



Tracy said...

Ooo... I've not seen this one--must add to my viewing list! :o) Happy Week, Shell ((HUGS))

Judy Hartman said...

When I was a teenager, Shell, and babysitting on a Saturday night, I would curl up on the sofa and watch the Movie of the Week (which I couldn't do at home!). Susan Hayward was my all time favorite and this movie is one I never saw. Must look it up!
Hope all is well with you, Shell.

Monica said...

hi there.

i love old B&Ws and can't even remember hearing of this one. thanks, it's on my list now!

koralee said...

Hi my friend...thank you for your sweet sweet comment you left me. I have not seen this one I am thinking it is a must. Hope you are very well and enjoying your summer. xoxoxoxox

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