Friday, June 22, 2012


Happy Midsummer as these three days from the 20th-23rd
of June is called. Here in The Bronx, the mighty daystar
shines down with making temperatures to hit 100 degrees

It is a time when the sun is at it's strongest.
When a bit of faerie magic is out and about. When
summer dreams bubble up and tempt you to throw
away some of your cares. Enjoy these hopefully
slower days.

Something beautiful for you this Summer day.
This lovely poem by Emily Dickinson.

A something in a summer’s Day
As slow her flambeaux burn away
Which solemnizes me.

A something in a summer’s noon —
A depth — an Azure — a perfume —
Transcending ecstasy.

And still within a summer’s night
A something so transporting bright
I clap my hands to see —

Then veil my too inspecting face
Lets such a subtle — shimmering grace
Flutter too far for me —

The wizard fingers never rest —
The purple brook within the breast
Still chafes it narrow bed —

Still rears the East her amber Flag —
Guides still the sun along the Crag
His Caravan of Red —

So looking on — the night — the morn
Conclude the wonder gay —
And I meet, coming thro’ the dews
Another summer’s Day!

I finally had a chance last night to enjoy
Midsummer and delve into Summer's embrace
I hope you are able to do the same this weekend.



Victoria said...

Beautiful tribute..Happy Midsummer..wishing you blessings and sparkles and midsummer magic!

Tracy said...

Happy Summer Day, Shell! I love this time of sunshine, high energy and special magic. :o) ((HUGS))

Tekeros said...

Golden Path
Ha detto: bel blog
Qlxchange Ha detto: interessante

Elisa Day said...

I love midsummer I think it is filled with magic and fairies and other wonders in the nature.

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