The Honey Moon

Tonight is The Full Moon. And a partial lunar eclipse.
This sweet June Moon goes by many names. My favorite name
is the Honey Moon.

The Moon is in adventurous fiery Sagittarius. So all my Sag
Sun and Moon Babies this is your special moon. For the
rest of us we can enjoy this sweet Moon.

We have rain and clouds all this week in The Bronx. I may not to
enjoy her light tonight. I like to imagine all
around the world where La Luna shines bright and clear
many will smile and cheer at her.

Wherever you are, think upon the golden arrow the
Archer, Sagittarius carries. What aim or goal would
you shoot with your own inner arrow of courage
and strength?

I shoot the arrow towards health. Release all
this baby weight and more.

Tonight, release those arrows into the night
sky. As always, enjoy this beautiful June Moon.



Sweetina said...

The moon was huge and golden and so much like a Harvest Moon! It did look the color of honey!
happy Honey Moon to the 3 of you.

Sarah said...

We went for a drive late last night to see the beacons. Couldn't see any beacons, but did see the massive moon!

Tricia said...

Hello Sweet Shell
I am catching up on all the blogs after having been gone so long (and enjoying it so much I might add).
First and foremost the pics of your little pixie boy (and he really does look like a little elf or pixie!) are so precious! What a little treasure!
I also enjoyed your post on Mae West. Mom always liked her and I do too.
The moon last night was so beautiful, it shown in my window most of the night casting a pearly glow that was so lovely! I hope you got to enjoy it.
Thank you as always for a lovely blog.
Blessings to you and your family,

Tracy said...

What a great week for the sky and mystical happenings--full moon and Venus passage! Very fun what you were telling me about your one man show--and directing...Wishing much fun & success with this new venture! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))